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Create everlasting memories that celebrate your life

Quality Doesn’t Have to Cost Any More


Receive a FREE ‘End of Life’ Expense Planning Outline and Guide

Planning Ahead Saves More Than Just $$


Save money on excess inventory cemetery monuments

REM Partners Offer Special Savings

High Quality Funeral Monuments in Flint, MI

About REM Memorials, LLC

REM Memorials, LLC was created as a societal response to the rising expenses related to the End of Life and Funeral Processes. The year over year continuously rising costs associated with both funeral products and services has created the need for a more informed consumer.

Whether it is a fully featured funeral service, direct burial service or cremation process, REM is here to help your family by providing Free Information and Savings Suggestions for reducing the overall expenses of memorial products and related services.

With the help of their commercial partners and industry service providers, REM Memorials offers consumers some welcome relief from the growing expense burden of creating an everlasting, personal memorial that celebrates your life for your family and loved ones.


Create Personalized Memories to Last Forever

When all is said and done, and the funeral process has been completed, what remains to celebrate our life is the visible Monument as a reminder of our time on earth.  Create the Memorial you choose, while removing this added burden of negotiating and managing this emotional process from your grieving loved ones. 



Request your FREE Guide to Managing the Process

Planning the End of Life (EoL) process is a difficult emotional issue, compounded by grief and confusion of all the family and loved ones involved who depend heavily on the individual designated to manage the process. Many people now opt to employ a third party, contracted “Agent” to help plan, negotiate and even manage the process, reducing overall costs and emotional impact on family and loved ones.

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Get More Savings from Excess Inventories

Wholesalers purchase large quantities to obtain discounts which results in excess inventories over time. REM Memorials allows them to post excess products at reduced pricing on our site to save you even more on Monument selection. REM will assist you to find the most affordable memorial products available, in addition to our quality products and engraving services.

Take advantage of over stock purchases by monument dealers and other sources. Preview some of the styles available through this unique program where dealers list their best deals weekly on our website!

Low cost personalized engraving

Low cost personalized engraving can also be ordered with any of the choices in our program. They can also be purchased and shipped to you for engraving at a later date. Buying ahead can save big bucks and we can even store them for you for up to one year if the future need is eminent.

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The professionals at REM bring together expertise in product development, distribution, and cost reduction techniques. We are dedicated to providing consumers with Free Information and Savings Suggestions for reducing the overall expenses of quality memorial products and related funeral services.


Industry partners, dealers and distributors wishing to claim a market area for their participation in the new REM Memorials programs should contact us below with their contact information, website and level of interest, promotional, lead incentives, resale of products or co-marketing partner programs.